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2018 Ranking - Top 100 history schools:

Princeton University - History School Ranking
1. Princeton University

Princeton, NJ, 5 history programs

Harvard University - History School Ranking
2. Harvard University

Cambridge, MA, 19 history programs

Yale University - History School Ranking
3. Yale University

New Haven, CT, 8 history programs

Columbia University in The City of New York - History School Ranking
4. Columbia University in the City of New York

New York City, NY, 8 history programs

University of Pennsylvania - History School Ranking
5. University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA, 16 history programs

Brown University - History School Ranking
6. Brown University

Providence, RI, 12 history programs

University of Chicago - History School Ranking
7. University of Chicago

Chicago, IL, 9 history programs

Vanderbilt University - History School Ranking
8. Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN, 8 history programs

Northwestern University - History School Ranking
9. Northwestern University

Evanston, IL, 6 history programs

University of Notre Dame - History School Ranking
10. University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN, 8 history programs

University of California Los Angeles - History School Ranking
11. University of California Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, 7 history programs

University of California Berkeley - History School Ranking
12. University of California Berkeley

Berkeley, CA, 8 history programs

University of Michigan Ann Arbor - History School Ranking
13. University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI, 14 history programs

University of Virginia - History School Ranking
14. University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA, 4 history programs

Boston College - History School Ranking
15. Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA, 5 history programs

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - History School Ranking
16. University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC, 4 history programs

College of William and Mary - History School Ranking
17. College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, VA, 4 history programs

The University of Texas at Austin - History School Ranking
18. The University of Texas

Austin, TX, 6 history programs

University of Maryland College Park - History School Ranking
19. University of Maryland College Park

College Park, MD, 5 history programs

University of Florida - History School Ranking
20. University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, 5 history programs

New York University - History School Ranking
21. New York University

New York City, NY, 10 history programs

University of Wisconsin Madison - History School Ranking
22. University of Wisconsin Madison

Madison, WI, 9 history programs

Ohio State University - History School Ranking
23. Ohio State University

Columbus, OH, 8 history programs

University of California Santa Barbara - History School Ranking
24. University of California Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA, 9 history programs

University of California Davis - History School Ranking
25. University of California Davis

Davis, CA, 6 history programs

Brigham Young University Provo - History School Ranking
26. Brigham Young University Provo

Provo, UT, 7 history programs

University of Georgia - History School Ranking
27. University of Georgia

Athens, GA, 8 history programs

Fordham University - History School Ranking
28. Fordham University

Bronx, NY, 6 history programs

University of Pittsburgh - History School Ranking
29. University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA, 12 history programs

Texas A & M University College Station - History School Ranking
30. Texas A & M University College Station

College Station, TX, 4 history programs

Rutgers University New Brunswick - History School Ranking
31. Rutgers University New Brunswick

New Brunswick, NJ, 5 history programs

University of Washington Seattle - History School Ranking
32. University of Washington Seattle

Seattle, WA, 14 history programs

University of Delaware - History School Ranking
33. University of Delaware

Newark, DE, 11 history programs

University of Connecticut - History School Ranking
34. University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT, 7 history programs

SUNY at Binghamton - History School Ranking
35. SUNY at Binghamton

Vestal, NY, 7 history programs

University of Minnesota Twin Cities - History School Ranking
36. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN, 8 history programs

Stony Brook University - History School Ranking
37. Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, NY, 4 history programs

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - History School Ranking
38. University of Illinois

Champaign, IL, 4 history programs

Pennsylvania State University - History School Ranking
39. Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA, 4 history programs

University of California Riverside - History School Ranking
40. University of California Riverside

Riverside, CA, 6 history programs

University of California Santa Cruz - History School Ranking
41. University of California Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 4 history programs

George Mason University - History School Ranking
42. George Mason University

Fairfax, VA, 4 history programs

University of Massachusetts Amherst - History School Ranking
43. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Amherst, MA, 9 history programs

California State University Long Beach - History School Ranking
44. California State University Long Beach

Long Beach, CA, 3 history programs

University of South Carolina Columbia - History School Ranking
45. University of South Carolina Columbia

Columbia, SC, 5 history programs

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - History School Ranking
University of South Florida - History School Ranking
47. University of South Florida

Tampa, FL, 3 history programs

University of Central Florida - History School Ranking
48. University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL, 3 history programs

Florida State University - History School Ranking
49. Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL, 5 history programs

California State University Fullerton - History School Ranking
50. California State University Fullerton

Fullerton, CA, 3 history programs

The University of Alabama - History School Ranking
51. The University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL, 4 history programs

Arizona State University Tempe - History School Ranking
52. Arizona State University Tempe

Tempe, AZ, 6 history programs

Texas Tech University - History School Ranking
53. Texas Tech University

Lubbock, TX, 7 history programs

University of Colorado Boulder - History School Ranking
54. University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO, 4 history programs

CUNY Queens College - History School Ranking
55. CUNY Queens College

Queens, NY, 3 history programs

The University of Tennessee Knoxville - History School Ranking
56. The University of Tennessee Knoxville

Knoxville, TN, 5 history programs

University of Houston - History School Ranking
57. University of Houston

Houston, TX, 3 history programs

SUNY at Albany - History School Ranking
58. SUNY at Albany

Albany, NY, 6 history programs

University of Arizona - History School Ranking
59. University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ, 5 history programs

University of Arkansas - History School Ranking
60. University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, AR, 4 history programs

Indiana University Bloomington - History School Ranking
61. Indiana University Bloomington

Bloomington, IN, 6 history programs

Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College - History School Ranking
University of Oregon - History School Ranking
63. University of Oregon

Eugene, OR, 7 history programs

University of North Texas - History School Ranking
64. University of North Texas

Denton, TX, 4 history programs

California State University Sacramento - History School Ranking
65. California State University Sacramento

Sacramento, CA, 4 history programs

Dartmouth College - History School Ranking
66. Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH, 6 history programs

Stanford University - History School Ranking
67. Stanford University

Stanford, CA, 5 history programs

Duke University - History School Ranking
68. Duke University

Durham, NC, 8 history programs

Rice University - History School Ranking
69. Rice University

Houston, TX, 8 history programs

Washington University in St Louis - History School Ranking
70. Washington University in St Louis

Saint Louis, MO, 6 history programs

Middlebury College - History School Ranking
71. Middlebury College

Middlebury, VT, 2 history programs

Cornell University - History School Ranking
72. Cornell University

Ithaca, NY, 9 history programs

University of Southern California - History School Ranking
73. University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA, 8 history programs

Georgetown University - History School Ranking
74. Georgetown University

Washington, DC, 7 history programs

Tufts University - History School Ranking
75. Tufts University

Medford, MA, 6 history programs

Wesleyan University - History School Ranking
76. Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT, 5 history programs

Johns Hopkins University - History School Ranking
77. Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD, 8 history programs

Washington and Lee University - History School Ranking
78. Washington and Lee University

Lexington, VA, 4 history programs

Emory University - History School Ranking
79. Emory University

Atlanta, GA, 10 history programs

Williams College - History School Ranking
80. Williams College

Williamstown, MA, 2 history programs

Amherst College - History School Ranking
81. Amherst College

Amherst, MA, 2 history programs

Pomona College - History School Ranking
82. Pomona College

Claremont, CA, 4 history programs

Colgate University - History School Ranking
83. Colgate University

Hamilton, NY, 5 history programs

Wake Forest University - History School Ranking
84. Wake Forest University

Winston Salem, NC, 2 history programs

Northeastern University - History School Ranking
85. Northeastern University

Boston, MA, 4 history programs

Vassar College - History School Ranking
86. Vassar College

Poughkeepsie, NY, 6 history programs

University of Rochester - History School Ranking
87. University of Rochester

Rochester, NY, 5 history programs

Bryn Mawr College - History School Ranking
88. Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr, PA, 8 history programs

University of Richmond - History School Ranking
89. University of Richmond

Richmond, VA, 4 history programs

Carnegie Mellon University - History School Ranking
90. Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA, 7 history programs

Lehigh University - History School Ranking
91. Lehigh University

Bethlehem, PA, 6 history programs

University of California San Diego - History School Ranking
92. University of California San Diego

La Jolla, CA, 4 history programs

Brandeis University - History School Ranking
93. Brandeis University

Waltham, MA, 9 history programs

Villanova University - History School Ranking
94. Villanova University

Villanova, PA, 6 history programs

Smith College - History School Ranking
95. Smith College

Northampton, MA, 5 history programs

Georgia Institute of Technology - History School Ranking
96. Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA, 3 history programs

University of California Irvine - History School Ranking
97. University of California Irvine

Irvine, CA, 5 history programs

Boston University - History School Ranking
98. Boston University

Boston, MA, 9 history programs

Syracuse University - History School Ranking
99. Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY, 7 history programs

University of Miami - History School Ranking
100. University of Miami

Coral Gables, FL, 8 history programs

History schools by state:

Schools by State25 History Schools in Alabama10 History Schools in Arizona16 History Schools in Arkansas158 History Schools in California16 History Schools in Colorado16 History Schools in Connecticut3 History Schools in Delaware30 History Schools in Florida45 History Schools in Georgia8 History Schools in Idaho48 History Schools in Illinois41 History Schools in Indiana26 History Schools in Iowa26 History Schools in Kansas26 History Schools in Kentucky21 History Schools in Louisiana9 History Schools in Maine23 History Schools in Maryland52 History Schools in Massachusetts40 History Schools in Michigan29 History Schools in Minnesota21 History Schools in Mississippi36 History Schools in Missouri9 History Schools in Montana16 History Schools in Nebraska5 History Schools in Nevada11 History Schools in New Hampshire26 History Schools in New Jersey9 History Schools in New Mexico89 History Schools in New York48 History Schools in North Carolina8 History Schools in North Dakota63 History Schools in Ohio25 History Schools in Oklahoma22 History Schools in Oregon90 History Schools in Pennsylvania7 History Schools in Rhode Island29 History Schools in South Carolina10 History Schools in South Dakota37 History Schools in Tennessee91 History Schools in Texas10 History Schools in Utah10 History Schools in Vermont39 History Schools in Virginia16 History Schools in Washington8 History Schools in District of Columbia16 History Schools in West Virginia31 History Schools in Wisconsin6 History Schools in Wyoming

History schools by diploma:

Certificates: 107 schools
Associate's Degrees: 190 schools
Bachelor's Degrees: 1,289 schools
Master's Degrees: 419 schools
Doctoral Degrees: 156 schools

History schools by major:

General History: 1,444 schools
American History: 31 schools
European History: 16 schools
Ancient History: 62 schools
Medieval History: 57 schools
History of Science: 24 schools
Archeology and Paleontology: 33 schools
Preservation and Conservation: 56 schools
Archival Administration: 53 schools
Teacher Education: 206 schools

History schools by region:

Northeast: 310 schools
Midwest: 374 schools
South: 516 schools
West: 276 schools

Popular history school cities:

in Alabama:
Auburn: 1 school
Birmingham: 3 schools
Mobile: 3 schools
Troy: 1 school
Tuscaloosa: 2 schools
in Arizona:
Flagstaff: 1 school
Scottsdale: 1 school
Tempe: 1 school
Tucson: 1 school
in Arkansas:
Fayetteville: 1 school
in California:
Bakersfield: 2 schools
Berkeley: 2 schools
Chico: 1 school
Davis: 1 school
Fresno: 3 schools
Fullerton: 2 schools
Irvine: 3 schools
La Jolla: 2 schools
Long Beach: 2 schools
Los Angeles: 7 schools
Northridge: 1 school
Pomona: 1 school
Riverside: 3 schools
Rohnert Park: 1 school
Sacramento: 4 schools
San Bernardino: 1 school
San Diego: 7 schools
San Francisco: 4 schools
San Jose: 2 schools
San Luis Obispo: 2 schools
San Marcos: 1 school
Santa Barbara: 3 schools
Santa Cruz: 1 school
Stanford: 1 school
in Colorado:
Boulder: 1 school
Colorado Springs: 2 schools
Denver: 4 schools
Fort Collins: 1 school
Greeley: 1 school
in Connecticut:
New Britain: 1 school
New Haven: 3 schools
Storrs: 1 school
in Delaware:
Newark: 1 school
in District of Columbia:
Washington: 8 schools
in Florida:
Boca Raton: 1 school
Coral Gables: 1 school
Gainesville: 1 school
Jacksonville: 2 schools
Miami: 2 schools
Orlando: 1 school
Pensacola: 1 school
Tallahassee: 2 schools
Tampa: 2 schools
in Georgia:
Athens: 1 school
Atlanta: 7 schools
Kennesaw: 1 school
Milledgeville: 2 schools
Savannah: 3 schools
Statesboro: 1 school
in Hawaii:
Honolulu: 3 schools
in Idaho:
Boise: 1 school
in Illinois:
Carbondale: 1 school
Champaign: 1 school
Charleston: 1 school
Chicago: 9 schools
Dekalb: 1 school
Edwardsville: 1 school
Evanston: 1 school
Normal: 1 school
in Indiana:
Bloomington: 1 school
Indianapolis: 4 schools
Muncie: 1 school
Notre Dame: 3 schools
in Iowa:
Ames: 1 school
Iowa City: 1 school
in Kansas:
Lawrence: 1 school
in Kentucky:
Bowling Green: 1 school
Highland Heights: 1 school
Lexington: 2 schools
Louisville: 2 schools
Richmond: 1 school
in Louisiana:
Baton Rouge: 2 schools
New Orleans: 7 schools
in Maryland:
Adelphi: 1 school
Baltimore: 8 schools
College Park: 1 school
Salisbury: 1 school
Towson: 1 school
in Massachusetts:
Amherst: 3 schools
Boston: 8 schools
Bridgewater: 1 school
Cambridge: 3 schools
Chestnut Hill: 2 schools
Salem: 1 school
Waltham: 2 schools
Williamstown: 1 school
Worcester: 4 schools
in Michigan:
Allendale: 1 school
Ann Arbor: 1 school
Bay City: 1 school
Detroit: 3 schools
East Lansing: 1 school
Mount Pleasant: 1 school
Ypsilanti: 1 school
in Minnesota:
Minneapolis: 2 schools
Northfield: 2 schools
Saint Paul: 8 schools
in Mississippi:
Hattiesburg: 2 schools
University: 1 school
in Missouri:
Columbia: 2 schools
Saint Louis: 7 schools
in Montana:
Bozeman: 1 school
Missoula: 1 school
in Nebraska:
Kearney: 1 school
Lincoln: 3 schools
Omaha: 2 schools
in Nevada:
Las Vegas: 2 schools
in New Hampshire:
Durham: 1 school
Hanover: 1 school
Manchester: 3 schools
in New Jersey:
Ewing: 1 school
Glassboro: 1 school
Jersey City: 2 schools
Montclair: 1 school
New Brunswick: 1 school
Princeton: 1 school
Union: 1 school
in New Mexico:
Albuquerque: 2 schools
in New York:
Albany: 3 schools
Brockport: 1 school
Bronx: 4 schools
Brooklyn: 4 schools
Buffalo: 4 schools
Cortland: 1 school
Hamilton: 1 school
Ithaca: 2 schools
New Paltz: 1 school
New York City: 12 schools
Poughkeepsie: 2 schools
Queens: 2 schools
Rochester: 4 schools
Saratoga Springs: 2 schools
Staten Island: 2 schools
Stony Brook: 1 school
Syracuse: 2 schools
Vestal: 1 school
in North Carolina:
Boone: 1 school
Chapel Hill: 1 school
Charlotte: 3 schools
Durham: 2 schools
Greensboro: 4 schools
Greenville: 1 school
Raleigh: 3 schools
Wilmington: 1 school
Winston Salem: 4 schools
in Ohio:
Akron: 1 school
Ashland: 1 school
Athens: 1 school
Cincinnati: 4 schools
Columbus: 3 schools
Dayton: 3 schools
Oxford: 1 school
in Oklahoma:
Norman: 1 school
in Oregon:
Corvallis: 1 school
Eugene: 2 schools
Portland: 7 schools
in Pennsylvania:
Philadelphia: 7 schools
Pittsburgh: 7 schools
Shippensburg: 1 school
Slippery Rock: 1 school
University Park: 2 schools
Villanova: 1 school
West Chester: 1 school
in Puerto Rico:
San Juan: 3 schools
in Rhode Island:
Kingston: 1 school
Providence: 3 schools
in South Carolina:
Charleston: 3 schools
Clemson: 1 school
Columbia: 3 schools
in Tennessee:
Johnson City: 2 schools
Knoxville: 2 schools
Memphis: 4 schools
Murfreesboro: 1 school
Nashville: 8 schools
in Texas:
Arlington: 1 school
Austin: 5 schools
College Station: 1 school
Dallas: 3 schools
Denton: 2 schools
Edinburg: 1 school
El Paso: 1 school
Houston: 7 schools
Huntsville: 1 school
Lubbock: 2 schools
San Antonio: 9 schools
San Marcos: 1 school
Tyler: 2 schools
Waco: 2 schools
in Utah:
Orem: 1 school
Provo: 1 school
Salt Lake City: 3 schools
in Vermont:
Burlington: 1 school
Northfield: 1 school
in Virginia:
Blacksburg: 1 school
Charlottesville: 1 school
Fairfax: 1 school
Fredericksburg: 1 school
Harrisonburg: 2 schools
Lexington: 2 schools
Lynchburg: 3 schools
Newport News: 1 school
Norfolk: 3 schools
Richmond: 3 schools
Williamsburg: 1 school
in Washington:
Bellingham: 1 school
Pullman: 1 school
Seattle: 3 schools
Tacoma: 3 schools
in West Virginia:
Charles Town: 1 school
Morgantown: 1 school
in Wisconsin:
Madison: 2 schools
Milwaukee: 6 schools
in Wyoming:
Laramie: 1 school
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