Schools Offering General History Programs - 2022 Ranking

In 2022, we reviewed 1,474 general history schools in the United States. General history schools are located in California (175 schools), Texas (87 schools), New York (86 schools), Pennsylvania (86 schools), Ohio (69 schools), Massachusetts (54 schools), Illinois (47 schools) and 45 other states.

The best general history program in the United States is offered by Columbia University in The City of New York. That school offers an excellent general history program: five stars for curriculum and four-star rating for teaching.

Below, there is selection of the Best 50 general history schools. To compare all general history schools, narrow your search by state or diploma.

Top 50 general history schools:

Columbia University in The City of New York - History School Ranking
1. Columbia University in the City of New York

Located in New York City, New York

Princeton University - History School Ranking
2. Princeton University

Located in Princeton, New Jersey

University of Chicago - History School Ranking
3. University of Chicago

Located in Chicago, Illinois

Harvard University - History School Ranking
4. Harvard University

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Brown University - History School Ranking
5. Brown University

Located in Providence, Rhode Island

Yale University - History School Ranking
6. Yale University

Located in New Haven, Connecticut

University of California Los Angeles - History School Ranking
7. University of California Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles, California

University of California Berkeley - History School Ranking
8. University of California Berkeley

Located in Berkeley, California

University of Michigan Ann Arbor - History School Ranking
9. University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan

University of Virginia - History School Ranking
10. University of Virginia

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia

New York University - History School Ranking
11. New York University

Located in New York City, New York

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - History School Ranking
12. University of North Carolina

Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

William & Mary - History School Ranking
13. William & Mary

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia

The University of Texas at Austin - History School Ranking
14. The University of Texas

Located in Austin, Texas

University of Florida - History School Ranking
15. University of Florida

Located in Gainesville, Florida

Florida State University - History School Ranking
16. Florida State University

Located in Tallahassee, Florida

University of California Santa Barbara - History School Ranking
17. University of California Santa Barbara

Located in Santa Barbara, California

University of Wisconsin Madison - History School Ranking
18. University of Wisconsin Madison

Located in Madison, Wisconsin

University of California Davis - History School Ranking
19. University of California Davis

Located in Davis, California

University of Maryland College Park - History School Ranking
20. University of Maryland College Park

Located in College Park, Maryland

Binghamton University - History School Ranking
21. Binghamton University

Located in Vestal, New York

University of California San Diego - History School Ranking
22. University of California San Diego

Located in La Jolla, California

University of Georgia - History School Ranking
23. University of Georgia

Located in Athens, Georgia

California State University Long Beach - History School Ranking
24. California State University Long Beach

Located in Long Beach, California

Texas A & M University College Station - History School Ranking
25. Texas A & M University College Station

Located in College Station, Texas

University of Washington Seattle - History School Ranking
26. University of Washington Seattle

Located in Seattle, Washington

Ohio State University - History School Ranking
27. Ohio State University

Located in Columbus, Ohio

University of South Florida - History School Ranking
28. University of South Florida

Located in Tampa, Florida

Rutgers University New Brunswick - History School Ranking
29. Rutgers University New Brunswick

Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey

University of Minnesota Twin Cities - History School Ranking
30. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign - History School Ranking
31. University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Located in Champaign, Illinois

University of Pittsburgh - History School Ranking
32. University of Pittsburgh

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

University of Delaware - History School Ranking
33. University of Delaware

Located in Newark, Delaware

University of Central Florida - History School Ranking
34. University of Central Florida

Located in Orlando, Florida

University of Houston - History School Ranking
35. University of Houston

Located in Houston, Texas

University of California Riverside - History School Ranking
36. University of California Riverside

Located in Riverside, California

California State University Fullerton - History School Ranking
37. California State University Fullerton

Located in Fullerton, California

University of California Santa Cruz - History School Ranking
38. University of California Santa Cruz

Located in Santa Cruz, California

George Mason University - History School Ranking
39. George Mason University

Located in Fairfax, Virginia

Arizona State University Immersion - History School Ranking
University of Colorado Boulder - History School Ranking
41. University of Colorado Boulder

Located in Boulder, Colorado

The University of Alabama - History School Ranking
42. The University of Alabama

Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Simmons University - History School Ranking
43. Simmons University

Located in Boston, Massachusetts

CUNY Queens College - History School Ranking
44. CUNY Queens College

Located in Queens, New York

California State University Fresno - History School Ranking
45. California State University Fresno

Located in Fresno, California

Texas Tech University - History School Ranking
46. Texas Tech University

Located in Lubbock, Texas

University of North Texas - History School Ranking
47. University of North Texas

Located in Denton, Texas

Southern New Hampshire University - History School Ranking
48. Southern New Hampshire University

Located in Manchester, New Hampshire

Duke University - History School Ranking
49. Duke University

Located in Durham, North Carolina

University of Pennsylvania - History School Ranking
50. University of Pennsylvania

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